Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The story:

Before Keith and I ever started dating he told me:
"Wherever I end up in life, I want you to end up there with me."

I was for it, and so a few weeks later he was my boyfriend. In the first month that Keith and I were dating we knew we wanted to marry each other, and all of my friends thought it was crazy.
Fast forward to last night Keith and I have been together just under three years and are on a date to celebrate valentines day two weeks late because we both worked on real valentines day. We both were really excited for our date me because valentines is my second favorite holiday and Keith because he had a huge secret.
So Keith shows up at my house with a dozen red roses and it was super freaking cute. We got in his truck and Keith tried to start the car while the keys were still in his pocket, and I think that would be when i got suspicious of him. Keith is usually the most level headed man within a five mile radius and rarely does he ever slip up on stuff like that. At dinner Keith hardly ate any of his meal and kept checking his pocket for his wallet, he was being a weirdo but it was really cute. When we got into the car Keith told me he was going to take me somewhere secret, and if I said I had any idea what was happening I would be a liar. So for the remainder of the car ride I half-joked about wanting to peek, and talked about an episode of Bob's burgers in excruciating detail. I was really nervous, and when I am nervous two things happen one: I talk...a lot about seriously nothing and two: my hands and feet sweat more than is ever appropriate.
We finally reach our destination and Keith has already instructed me not to open my eyes, and that he will get me out of the car and to where I need to be before I can open my eyes. I hear his door shut and I am trying to dry my hands on my skirt, it doesn't work and it feels like Keith is taking too long to get to my door which makes me panic a little and my hands sweat more.
Keith finally gets to my door and he grabs my hand, I apologize for how sweaty it is and he jokes that its so sweaty its gonna slip out of his hand. Now's the part where Keith is facing the increasingly frustrating task of leading me while my eyes are closed, I'm naturally distrustful of people and although I KNOW Keith wouldn't like trip me or anything, I still was taking about a million baby steps instead of the like fifteen regular steps to get to where he needed me to be.
eventually Keith grabs my shoulders and turns me around then he tells me to sit down so I do.
I open my eyes and we are the Flowing Wells Junior High, I am sitting on the exact bench I was sitting on the very first time I met Keith.
He grabs my hands and tells me 'Thank you' which really throws me off, my brain is spinning but its also empty and I'm kind of scared.
Keith says thank you to me for loving him even when I was thirteen, and for never giving up on him throughout the years, even when he's given me reason to. He tells me that he loves me more than anything, and that he wants me to know that he will never give up on me, or on us. Here he gets on one knee, tells me I brought you here to where we met to kind of end one chapter and start another, here's where I eloquently blurt out "oh my god" , then he pulls out the ring and says
"and so I was kind of wondering if you would marry me?" 
to which I said yes three times, and before he put the ring on I said
"WAIT! Does my dad know?" 
As it turns out Keith had gone to my parents on Saturday while I was at work and everyone in my family knew before me, and Keith has had my ring for almost a year trying to figure out how to ask me.
I think I said holy crap around two hundred times before we even left that place. 

But there ya have it! That's how he asked me, and how we got here. 
I couldn't be anymore stoked if I tried. 

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  1. When can I meet Keith? Afterall I am one of your oldest and weirdest friends Breeann.