Saturday, April 12, 2014

Too fat for decency.

God forbid
 a woman be more
 than her
-Michelle K.

Planning a wedding is daunting, and huge. Sometimes it feels like I have cold feet and I haven’t even started planning yet. I hope I’m not the only one that’s ever felt that way. 
When you get engaged all of these married women who never gave a crap about you before are suddenly very interested in you (actually not just married women, but everyone who never gave a crap about you before is suddenly interested in you) they all have tidbits of advice and horror stories. They mean well, and a lot of the advice is highly welcomed because lets be real I don’t know what the hell I’m doing or I guess SHOULD be doing. 
But one thing consistently comes up and it’s my weight.

"Are you going on a diet for the wedding?" 

“Better slim down so you can fit in that dress!” 

“Time to hit the gym!”

First of all, fuck you guys. 

Now that that’s out of the way, if I am going to lose weight it shouldn't be for one god damn day it should be for ME, my self esteem, and over all posi body image. Keith happens to love me so why should I have to, or be expected to, lose all this weight and not look like the woman he loves? 
The sudden attention paid to my body has sprung up plenty of questions for myself lately. 

Am I ugly and I’m the only one not in on it? 

Why was it okay for me to look like this before my wedding but not FOR my wedding? 
Why is my body suddenly up for debate?
There aren't any answers, at least not any of real value. Keith and I have been talking about it and if I so should choose to lose weight it’s fine with him, and if I should choose not to that’s just as well. 
I shouldn't have to say it but Keith, my groom, is the only opinion that matters beside my own. 
So please tell me which florist is a genius, but leave out any and all unsolicited diet and weight comments.

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